The Writing Dojo

Live virtual writing groups. Because we're better together.

Live Writing

Writing can be a lonely, solitary experience. It doesn't have to be. During quarantine, and after, join a group of fellow makers, creatives and writers. People like you and me who are coming together to develop a writing habit, share and transform our relationship to writing.

6 Weeks

Each Dojo is a 6 week sprint. The format is left up to each member: write an essay a week, work on a larger story or publish a daily blog post. TWD is there to support each person's style and goals. How much can we accomplish in 6 weeks? A whole damn lot.

There are only two requirements: attend each live session and share your writing by the end of week 6.

Purposefully Small

Large can communities return us to anonymity. In large groups on the internet, we can find ourselves becoming a single pixel instead of a connected node. The Dojos are kept intentionally small to allow us to build relationships, learn each other's names and nurture connection.

Drop-in Dojos

Want to trial a Dojo? Not ready to commit for 6 weeks? Join the weekly Tuesday drop-in 1 hour session. 6:30-7:30pm (GMT+1).

Drop-in sessions are on pause for the time being. You can join impromptu working sessions announced on Twitter.

Apply To Join

Each Dojo group is individually matched by Nibras. To join, fill in the form below. We'll have a 10 minute call to get to know you then we'll place you in the group where you'll feel most at home.

The Dojos are now full for the foreseeable future.

You can fill in the form below to join a waitlist (it's likely to be a long wait!)

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What's the format?

Each Dojo session is 1 hour 30 minutes long. We work using the Pomodoro technique: 30 minutes of focus followed by a 10 minute break. The breakdown is as follows:
→ 10 mins: hellos & what we're working on for the session
→ 30 mins: focused writing
→ 10 mins: break! Stretch & share
→ 30 mins: focused writing
→ 10 mins: debrief

What's the price?

The Writing Dojo is free.

What's the commitment?

To join a Dojo sprint you commit to attend each live session and to publish (on your website, blog, or platform like Medium) a piece of writing by the end of the 6 weeks.

TWD exists to help us produce writing and develop our craft. Sharing writing is a necessary yet scary part of the process. So, we'll be using social accountability to ease help the discomfort of publishing our work online.

What happens if I miss a Dojo session?

Life happens! If you need to miss a Dojo, get in touch with Nibras.

If you're unable to attend more than 2 Dojos then we'll have to open your slot to someone else to keep the group balanced.

Have you ran Dojos before?

Yep! We've ran 4 Dojos before, over 8 weeks. The second round of Dojos, starting on the 9th of May, will make use of what we learnt from the previous sprint. If you have any cool ideas or format suggestions, send them our way!

Do you have any tips?

When the going gets tough, lean on your Dojo group for support. If you're struggling to attend, mentally blocked or experiencing writing difficulties, talk it out with the group or get in touch with Nibras directly. More than virtual writing sessions, TWD exists to help you make the mental shift necessary to develop a writing practice and we're here to support with the challenges of the shift.

TWD is a way of proving to yourself, on a weekly basis and through multiple small wins that you're a writer and producer. If you've always wanted to write and found it difficult to form the habit of writing and publishing, we're here to help you bridge the gap between desire and action.

© Nibras Ibnomer. Crafted with love.